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solo or tandem paragliding tow launch applications.

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If you're looking for the finest performing, most versatile towboat for paragliding or foot launched hang glider towing operations, you have come to the right place. Reeljet.com is the exclusive supplier to TowMeUp.com. A company which arguably builds the finest and most respected Hydraulic Payout Winch on the planet, as well as providing a one stop source for virtually everything you need to set up or enhance glider towing operations.

Clearly, foot launched glider towing operations are a hazardous and expensive activity for many vessels. Typically the vessel is required to operate in shallow waters to set up for each tow launch, and this shallow water is full of hidden hazards which tend to destroy propellers and lower units, as well as cause major hull damage to fiberglass vessels. With an aluminum hulled jetboat, shallow operation worries are a thing of the past. Beaching the boat after every tow is typically the norm rather than the rare exception. The beauty or "reverse" steering with a jetboat means you can often set up for the launch with the boat comfortably parked on shore facing the pilot(s). At the pilots signal it's easy to back off, swing around, accelerate and begin the launch in one smooth continuous motion. Drifting offshore while you wait for the pilot(s) to get their act together, shifting from forward to reverse, or neutral, than back again and again is simply a thing of the past. If you want, you can even hold position offshore while you stationary tow the pilots to launch, then accelerate away while the winch shifts seamlessly and automatically from Stationary Payin, to Static, to Payout operations.

Are you looking for a no compromise approach to one of the finest Jetboats available on the planet? Do you want something that's a bit different from all the other Spam Can style aluminum boats, something with a bit of pizazz perhaps? Are you looking for a manufacturer that listens to your needs and will work with you to get you exactly what you want? Is longevity, strength, performance, and handling as important to you as good looks. Then you've come to the right place. Real Performance, Real Support, Real Craftsmanship, ReelJets!

Interested in learning more? Follow the links in the upper left section of the page for more information. Interested in a Reeljet for simple fishing or liesure activities? Sorry, our production facilities have pre sold their production capacity for the next 16 + months for use in paraglider towing operations worldwide. Many other vendors can provide a solution requiring just a vessel. Our primary focus is the specialized needs of those who are more vertically driven and require the finest solution to those needs. We are in the process of expanding our production capabilities, but we simply refuse to compromise quality to ship a few more vessels into the marketplace. If you desperately want the performance of a ReelJet aluminum hulled Jetboat, feel free to contact us about getting scheduled in the build que, but please be aware it will require at least a 16 month production delay.

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