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The performance of any Jetboat is often hidden from the eyes of the discriminating customer. Too many boat owners settle for less than ultimate performance because they just don't know any better. At ReelJet, we're proud to show off the bottom of our boats, it's what sets them apart from the mainstream and gives them the ultimate performance and handling.

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Time for an Experiment
One of the key concepts utilized in all ReelJet boats is the radiused bottom technology. It's tough for many people to understand, but demonstrating the concept is simple. Please take a moment to perform the following experiment, we'll wait while you take care of it. You need to go to the sink and take a metal spoon with you. Turn on the water so a steady stream flows from the faucet. Hang the spoon vertically by gripping the end of the handle lightly, and bring the curved portion of the spoon towards the stream of water. Just barely touch the spoon to the water and note the reaction. Go ahead we'll wait while you do it...
Did the result surprise you? Many aluminum hulled boats use a flat bottom, semi V, or delta pad design. All of these tend to bounce away from the surface of the water. This results in poor handling, and reduced performance. The radiused bottom design built into every ReelJet helps to keep it in contact with the water so it doesn't bounce and skip across the surface. The amount of radius is carefully designed so that as the hull is pulled more strongly into the water, it meets a larger surface which is more buoyant, preventing it from being drawn further down in a careful balancing act of buoyancy vs. induced suction effect. The net result is a hull that tracks like it's on rails with little tendency to wander, skip, hook, or spin out like other jetboats do.
There's no question that it takes power to move a boat through the water. On average, it takes 18 times as much power to move a boat through the water at the same speed as a vehicle moves down the highway. At ReelJet, no detail is to small if it enhances performance. Consider our Unique RAM AIR INTAKE SYSTEM. An aeronautically designed intake duct is designed to force cool ambient air into the engine compartment. This cooler dry air is denser than the heated air found in most of our competitors engine compartments. This allows the engine to breath deeper, and the electronic fuel control then allows more fuel to be introduced to the injectors, resulting in more available power to the driver.

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