ReelJet Jetboats
Paragliding Towboats available by Custom Order

Reeljet - 22' Endeavor Class Hulls - Under Construction
Yet another Custom towboat for with dual paragliding winches being installed. This boat will be capable of towing 2 tandem paragliders from the surface to almost 4,000' where they can release for continued untethered flight.
These vessels can be outfitted with either single or dual Hydraulic Payout Winch systems, either integrally mounted to the hull, or with hard points to drop in a standard modular winch system.

The modular system allows the ability to remove the winch from the vessel and install it in a vehicle for land towing in under 5 minutes.

The internal fit out can be from a simple spartan cockpit to a fully custom plush interior with mechanical or air suspension seating, intercom systems and audio systems. Corporate fit outs are our specialty.

Costs range from $ 56,000.00 for a single winch towboat with a spartan interior, through $ 85,000.00 for a totally custom integrally mounted dual Winch High Performance Tow Vessel outfitted for Corporate Sponsored Events.

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