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Several Customers have noted that our Radius Bottomed hulls look an awful lot like the famous Boicejets that can be seen racing up rock strewn whitewater, heading offshore in the salt chuck, or towing at a local lake. There's a simple reason for that. Justin Boice is a world class boat designer, and has skills driving jet boats in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. It takes a special kind of person to strap into an ultralight aluminum hull, power it with as much power as you can stuff in it, and then run it flat out up a rock strewn river in just a few inches of water. You either know exactly how to produce a hull that responds instantly and has ultimate performance or you simply don't survive. As a company Boicejet built some of the best looking and performing aluminum boats on the planet. With over 18 years experience in marine manufacturing, when we decided to cross over from building I/O high speed offshore aluminum hulls to jet boats we actually contracted with Boicejet to build a small run of very custom aluminum boats. We produced and provided the key components that were to be welded into the hulls to meet our specific application. Unfortunately Boicejet fell victim to it's own success as it grew very quickly in an attempt to try to satisfy the demand for their product. In August of 2004 Boicejet went bankrupt and the company assets were liquidated at auction shortly thereafter. We got caught short and lost a significant amount of money as did several other customers.

One of the key items that we acquired from the bankruptcy estate was the patterns and rights to manufacture the Boice jet endeavor series hull. Since we ultimately had a need for 10 custom hulls it made a lot of sense to be able to continue the product where Boice left off. With years of experience working in the marine manufacturing industry we opted to improve the product by utilizing state of the art manufacturing. Unlike most aluminum boat builders who use fairly low tech tools to fabricate their product, at ReelJet we use state of the art CAD/CAM systems to lay out and detail every aspect of our hulls. We use our own computer controlled Plasma and Water jet cutters to cut all major components of the hull and fittings. When needed, we have our own in house CNC lathes and multi axis CNC milling machines to produce exactly the parts that we need from the best materials. Many fabricators rely on standard available extrusions to help kit out their hulls. Unfortunately many extrusions are only available in 6061 T6. When welded into the 5086 hull plate, this material is much more brittle, and with repeated pounding as the hull moves across wave crests, the material rips loose typically just above the welds. At ReelJet, our lack of willingness to compromise, and having the appropriate manufacturing tooling allows us to produce the most compatible components, resulting in the lightest, strongest, most long lasting hulls available.

Several Boicejet customers have come to us for parts, and materials to enable them to complete the unfinished hulls they acquired through the Boicejet bankruptcy. We're well aware of the disappointment that follows the loss of significant amounts of money, and the inability to complete a dream. If you were one of those caught up in the process feel free to give us a call. We're happy to help you out since we can produce or supply any part required to complete your boat. Our OEM status gives us the ability to purchase most items at substantial discounts, which we can then use to help you complete your boat for the lowest costs possible. We've been through the process as well, and you can at least be assured a sympathetic ear, and all the help you will need to finish your project.

If you're one of those who always wanted a Boice style hull and now find that they are no longer available, you can relax. You have more options now then ever before. At ReelJet we can provide you with completed turn key hulls ready to drop in the water and run. If you're looking for the best hull at the lowest cost, and you're handy with a welder and some basic tools, we also provide boat hull kits. If you want something just a little different, but want to start with a proven hull design, this is the way to go. It starts by you choosing the length hull that you want. We then use our CNC machines to cut all the component parts needed to assemble your own vessel. The parts are typically etched with line up marks before they are cut from the full sheet. Cutting all the parts in this manner allows us to fully utilize the entire sheet, making it ultimately less expensive to produce your hull. It's a fairly simply process to lay the parts on the floor, align the marks, and tack weld the component together, pulling up the bow as it comes together forming a gorgeous and strong compound curve. Drop in the frames, transom, and structural members, and then insure the hull is true before welding it out in a predetermined sequence. Once the hull is complete we can help you with paint and finishing if needed, then show you how to rig and finish your boat. If you need or desire to purchase any components, we pass on our OEM discounts and expertise to help provide you with the best components for the lowest prices. If you think the welding is beyond your ability, you can relax. Currently available synergetic style Pulse Arc Mig Welders are very easy to learn to use, and you can be welding like a Pro with just a few minutes practise. Buying the best welder, auto darkening helmet, and the hand tools required to complete your hull will set you back less than the cost of a few dealer installed accessories. If you need, we can supply you with all the equipment you need through arrangements with our welding suppliers, and we provide the training on equipment purchased through us.

Build Your own Complete High Performance Aluminum Boat from a Kit
It all starts when we use our computer system to layout your entire hull with EXACTLY the components, and options that you want and need. You don't have to settle for any compromises. Want a super light race hull, no problem; we adjust the longerons, and hull materials to provide the strength to weight that you need to shred up a whitewater river. Want an super strong high speed offshore cruiser. No problem. Even those who prefer I/O's over jets can get that type of drive installed.
The photo of the nest above left shows the partial nest of the components being assembled to the left. The yellow tick lines in the nest are etched onto the inside of the hull plating. To assemble this style hull, you simply suspend the keel vertically, and align the marks, then tack weld them together, working towards the bow. This method is called "pull up construction" and allows you to build a very accurate hull without the expense and hassles of building jigs for a "one off" boat.
Once the shape of the hull is defined, you tack weld in the frames, stringers, and longerons after laying them against the etched locating marks. After verifying that the hull is square and free of twists, you follow a logical sequence to weld out the hull, add the decks, and rig out your boat. Building a ReelJet hull is even simpler. We can provide the preformed radius hull, the preformed and bent sides, and all the formed hull parts (box beams, windshield, doghouse, etc.). With a friend to help, the hull can typically be welded out by an average welder in 2 or 3 weeks. It's not as hard as you might think.

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